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oh baby you're a classic like a little black dress but you'll be fading soon.

Sep. 12th, 2009 | 01:15 pm

I'm all sorts of fucked up today.


did I mention fuck?

dear gravity you've held me down in this starless city long enough.

There is only one plus to this who thing.

Mario Pants:

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pieces of me

Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 04:21 pm

[ Random picture of me trying to eat my phone]

[Occasionally Orange ]


[ Ophelia ]


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Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 10:26 am

Last night I went to the ocean and tried to skim board.
Its been on my list of things to try for a long time. And I tried it!
Oh man I sucked soooooo bad. I look like someone dragged me down the street, the concerete ripping up just the left leg and nothing else.
So worth it. So much fun. Must go back and try again.

Lyrics make me smile:

If home is where the heart is
then we're all just fucked
I can't remember
I can't remember
And I want it so bad
I'd shoot the sunshine into my veins
I can't remember
The good old days

And it's kind of funny
The way we're wearing anchors on our shirts
When being anchored or bored
just feels like a curse

My mind is a safe
And if I keep it in we all get rich
My body is an orphanage
We take everyone in

Chasing the direction you went
You're a bottled star
The planets align
You're just like Mars
You shine in the sky
You shine in the sky

Are all the good times getting gone?
They come and go and go and come and go
Oh yeah I've got a lot of friends who are stars
But some are just black holes

If home is where the heart is
Then we're all just fucked. 

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he cries to the moon, if only, if only...

Aug. 31st, 2009 | 12:22 pm

In the past four days it seems that someone has mixed by life up in a blender.

Why are people so fucking confusing? Why can't eveything just be in order for once?

What the fuck is going on here?

And how did all this happen?

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Bad night, Better morning

Aug. 29th, 2009 | 11:25 am
location: suburbia
mood: crazycrazy
music: short just like your temper.

6:30am I was up. Went and got bagels for the family to eat before we headed to church. We don't have to be at church until 11am so I ate a bagel, checked my email and took a nap for an hour. as my alarm was going off my mom told me they were going to go to the evening service. I couldn't go back to sleep despite only getting a few hours of sleep last night so I sat with mom and dad and Olivia.

I gave Olivia the concert tickets this morning, she's already making a poster.
I totally found two possible shirts I want to buy to wear to the show. It has nothing to do with this boy band but it's an excuse to buy myself a shirt. : )


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we do it in the dark with smiles on our faces...

Aug. 27th, 2009 | 04:37 pm

Amazon cancelled my book order due to the problems I was having with my bank card. So now I'm waiting for the book to come in via public library. At least now if I don't like it I didn't spend money on it. But I'm almost positive I'll love it.
I'm determined to finish Guilty Pleasures tonight, seeing as I went into the library before and walked out sign up for the summer book club and with four new novels to conquer.

Since quitting my job on thursday I can't help but think about the girls in the office and all the nasty things they said about everyone, which got me thinking: I wonder what they say about me?

Ophelia mutters
: Something along the lines of 'what a strange little girl, never knows what she wants, never speaks up, so shy, so not there...


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(no subject)

Aug. 24th, 2009 | 07:39 pm

if you let me have my way I swear I'll tear you apart....

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Aug. 24th, 2009 | 09:06 am
music: VnV Nation- Beloved

I dreamt for the first time in about a week and a half.

Go. Me.

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Writer's Block: When I Was Young

Aug. 24th, 2009 | 09:01 am
mood: calmcalm

What do you miss most about being a kid?

and nothing.

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Aug. 16th, 2009 | 01:59 am
location: Home
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Forbidden Tracks- the Flasbulb

*For some reason all of the dates on my journal are off by a month. How the hell do I got about fixing this?*


As I clamber up into my fathers very large, and very unessesary pick up truck, my step mother gets in throught the drivers side. She places herself in the middle seat almost effortlessly. It's 9am and already the heat has us in it's grip, suffocating everything.


My dad eventually meets up with us and cranks the AC, The air outside feels very nice after a drive to Mastic in a fucking ice box. We are driving to Mastic this morning so my father and his Oblivious Bride can purchase cheap ciggaretts in mass quantity. As we drive past Joe's street a jolt of sadness passes through me. As fast as I notice it, it's gone. Though brief, I still wonder why that would happen.

After visiting the reservation the three of us make a trip to CVS then head back to Patchogue. I was with them for two hours. They made only empty, polite conversation. They cant possibly be so blind to the world...can they?

It baffles me! It infuriates and depresses me!

And strangely enough I don't really care. If he is truly happy with Her - then I can be happy for him. 

I mourned over my parents divorce for a very long time. I hated both my parents for it. I'm done being sad about it. I have more important things that require my attention.

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